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Spent Line Wrangler

Spent Line Wrangler

Waste Fishing Line Holder

Easy to coil and to control your waste leader and tippet materials, the Spent Line Wrangler™ keeps mono from creeping out of your pocket and into the environment.

  • Compact and lightweight yet rugged
  • Made from anodized marine-grade aluminum and UV-resistant materials
  • Fits easily into your pocket or tackle box
  • Easy to use and good for the environment
  • Rugged Smith Creek quality
  • Patented design
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Smith Creek's Spent Line Wrangler™ helps to keep our waters clean.

After years of seeing waste fishing line discarded on river banks, Smith Creek decided to do something about it. Spent Line Wrangler helps to keep waste fishing line out of the environment and in your pocket where it belongs.

It's a simple, elegant method to quickly coil up and store excess tippet line for later disposal.

Simply place the Spent Line Wrangler along your index finger, coil the waste line around the aluminum plate, and tug it into the slot where the high-density EVA foam keeps it firmly in place.

Like all Smith Creek products, the Spent Line Wrangler™ is made of high-quality materials and fine finishing processes. Constructed from marine-grade aluminum, which is smoothed, texturized, and anodized in two attractive colors (Burnt Orange and Olive Green), it's not only practical but looks great.

  • Eco-friendly—keep our streams clean!

    Holds waste fishing line securely and out of the environment.

  • Easy to use

    Click the play button on the video below, and watch for instructions on how to use this product.

  • Protect wildlife

    Cut coils in half before disposing of your line.

  • Rugged Smith Creek quality

    Made with anodized marine-grade aluminum and UV resistant materials.


Why do I need a Spent Line Wrangler™?

Stuffing waste line into your vest pocket or into a tiny canister is troublesome at best.  That's why we often see waste fishing line laying around on river banks.  Spent Line Wrangler makes it quick and easy to store waste line so you can pack it out and properly dispose of it later.

How do I use the Spent Line Wrangler™?

For longer lengths of line, place the flat, aluminum body (with the cut-out fish shape) over your index and middle finger. Pinch your waste line between the thumb and forefinger of your opposite hand and loosely coil the line around the body of the Spent Line Wranger.  Finish by grasping the coiled line with your left hand and slide it into the slot until it pops into place at the back of the foam insert.  For shorter lengths of line, simple pull it through the slot until it's pressed under the foam insert.  When you get back from home, snip out the line and dispose of it properly.

How do I clean and maintain my Spent Line Wrangler™?

Spent Line Wrangler™ is maintenance free. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Remove waste line at the end of the day by cutting the coiled line with scissors or a nipper.  Do not try to remove the EVA foam insert as it may damage it as well as being difficult to reinsert properly.

How long is the Smith Creek Spent Line Wrangler warrantied for?

Like all Smith Creek fly fishing gear, our Spent Line Wrangler has a one (1) year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  If your Spent Line Wrangler fails during this period, please refer to our Warranty Section for more information.