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Net Leash

Net Leash

Yoke-Mounted Coiled Lanyard

Designed so you’ll never lose your net, our Net Leash makes landing a fish that much easier. Suitable for all types of nets, our fly fishing net leash works especially well when coupled to a Smith Creek Net Holster™. One end attaches to the net’s yoke, where it’s out of the way. The other end has a no-rust, stainless steel clip that attaches to either your Net Holster™ or belt loop.

  • 10mm coil diameter that expands to 6 feet
  • Pairs perfectly with our Net Holster and Heavy Duty Wading Belt
  • Built tough with rubber-coated crimped ends
  • Suitable for all types of landing nets
  • Solid, reliable performance
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Never Lose Your Net

Attach the Smith Creek Net Leash™ to your net by simply threading the looped end around the bottom of the hoop below the net, then pass the clip and coils through the loop, like a loop to loop connection. Clip the other end to your Net Holster™ or to your belt loop.

Our fly fishing net leash is 12” long when coiled and extends to 6 feet long for plenty of reach. The individual coils are 10mm in diameter, and the attachment ends are crimped—not welded—for extra strength. Each of the crimps are rubber coated so they won’t scratch the finish on your net.

This is the next closest thing to insurance for that new, expensive net. Most fly fishing gear that goes into the water is lost for good. Using Net Leash is a simple, affordable way to ensure that your fancy landing net doesn't end up in the drink. Net Leash is made from rugged materials that will hold your net securely without scratching it and with plenty of length when you need to stretch out to scoop that trophy catch.

  • Net Leash is suitable for all types of landing nets

    Our yoke mounted net leash works with any net, no matter what style you prefer.

  • Works especially well when paired with Smith Creek Net Holster

    Our yoke mounted net leash works with any net, no matter what style you prefer.

  • 10mm diameter coils provide quick, springy retraction

    Net Leash stays nice and compact, but stretches to 6 feet (180 cm) for plenty of reach.

  • Works especially well when paired with Smith Creek Net Holster

    When paired with our Wader Belt and Net Holster you have a perfect solution to manage your net.

  • Rugged Smith Creek Quality

    Rubber coated, crimped ends and stainless steel clip will last for years.

  • It's a lot less than a new net!

    Whether you pair Net Leash with our patented Net Holster, or just clip it to your belt loop, it's a small investment to prevent losing your net!


How do I attach Net Leash™ to my Smith Creek Net Holster™

The Net Holster™ is tooled with an anchor hole at the top which is specifically designed to clip a Smith Creek Net Leash™ onto.

Can I still use Net Leash™ if I don’t have a Smith Creek Net Holster™?

Absolutely! If you don’t have a Smith Creek Net Holster, you can still clip our Net Leash to your belt loop, or you could attach a standard, D-Ring carabiner (not included) to your wader belt.

What if the metal clip gets in the way when putting my net back to my Net Holster™?

If you feel like the clip gets in the way, you can simply flip your Smith Creek Net Holster upside down on your wader belt, with the clip anchor hole facing downward. Since the Net Holster works facing either direction, some people find that putting the Net Leash clip hole facing down works better. We recommend trying a few practice draws with your net before going out on the water and choosing which method works best for you.

How long is Smith Creek Net Leash™ warrantied for?

Like all Smith Creek fly fishing gear, Net Leash has a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  If your Net Leash™ fails during this period, please refer to our Warranty Section for more information.