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Net Holster

Net Holster

Belt-Mounted Fishing Net Holder

The Net Holster is changing the way anglers are carrying their nets. It is quite simply the new, improved way to carry your landing net.

  • Finest quality workmanship and materials
  • Non-glare, marine grade anodized aluminum
  • Heavy gauge, UV resistant nylon
  • Corrosion resistant rivets
  • Built guide tough to last for years of continuous use
  • Available in three colors
  • Patented design
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Smith Creek's fly fishing Net Holster™ holds your net securely and out of the way against your back.

It keeps landing nets from being caught in bushes or trees while walking to and from your favorite fishing spot, or from swinging around your back and into your face while bending over. Our patented fishing net holders also put an end to fumbling with a clip behind your back to unhook your net while trying to control a fish-heavy rod with the other hand. 

Net Holster™ is fully adjustable so it can carry the type of net that you use. It can be worn on most types of belts, so you can use it wet wading in your favorite shorts or fixed on your Heavy Duty Wading Belt™ over your waders.

Built guide tough using thick, marine grade aluminum, Net Holster's smooth, scratch-free edges are the result of multiple finishing steps during the manufacturing process.  Anodized in three beautiful colors (green, black and red), Net Holster's non-glare surface and sturdy nylon net handle loop will provide years of reliable performance.

Pairs perfectly with Smith Creek's Heavy Duty Wading Belt™ and Net Leash™. For our customers in North America, check out special pricing on our Value Bundle!

  • The smartest way to carry your net

    Smith Creek's Net Holster provides a reliable way to carry your landing net without it getting in the way.

  • Quick to draw and easy to holster

    No more fumbling with a clip behind your back.

  • Keeps your net secure and out of the way

    No tree entanglement, trailing in the current, or flipping in your face when you bend over.

  • Adjustable strap fits most types of landing nets

    Whether big or small, wood or metal, out Net Holster has you covered.


How do I make sure my net is secure in my Net Holster™?

Adjust the strap of your fly fishing net holster to the type and size of your net before attaching it to your belt.  It should be snug enough to firmly hold the handle, but loose enough that drawing your net is not difficult.

How do I adjust my Net Holster™?

To adjust the inner diameter of the strap, simply push the front of the loop backwards, breaking the connection between the hook and loop material.

How tight does the Net Holster™ need to be around a wooden net?

If you’re using a wooden net, make the loop snug around the handle. Once you’ve worn the holster for a while, the strap will conform to the handle, and you’ll probably have to adjust it again.

How tight does the Net Holster™ need to be around a metal net?

To adjust your holster for a metal net, keep the loop a little looser so your handle slides easily in and out.

How do I adjust my Net Holster™ to my belt?

Using the diagonal side cutouts, simply attach the holster to your belt so it locates in the center of your back.  Net Holster's mounting slots match perfectly to Smith Creek's Wader Belt.

Can I still wear my daypack with my Net Holster™?

Yes. Simply wear the daypack over the top of your net.

How long is Smith Creek Net Holster warrantied for?

Like all Smith Creek fly fishing gear, Net Holster™ has a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  If your Net Holster fails during this period, please refer to our Warranty Section for more information.